DOS Based Dungeon Adventure Game
DOS 6.22 REQUIRED: - Version 1.7b    MS-DOS Zip File - Requires DOSBOX To Run!

  The Dungeons Of Morabis - The Quest For the Amulet was a Rogue or Hack clone started in 1988 and finished in 1991. It has 25 dungeon levels, 5 boss monsters, over 20 spells, scrolls, rings and potions, over 60 different monsters.

How To Run, Bugs, Cheats:
  • Morabis REQUIRES DOS BOX. It was designed for MS-DOS version 5.0 and will not run on Windows 7 or Windows 10.
  • Extract all the Morabis files into a directory.
  • Run "MORSETUP.EXE" to create all of the dungeon levels.
  • Run "MORABIS.EXE" to play
  • See the "Morabis.DOC" file, which is just an ASCII file for instructions on keys.
  • An weight bug causes the player to not be able to pick up anything. Simply drop everything you are carrying, and then pick it all back up.

  • Cheats:

    On dungeon level 17, you MUST pick up the grass, and drop it in front of the Unicorns. The Unicorns will drop a key to the final bosses's dungeon. Run MORABIS.EXE with the following command line paramter: "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 true" (without quote). Once in game, hold down the ALT key and press 148.

    The following appears:

    "Chagrin (2.0a)". The following describes EACH value you must enter. Failure to enter item correctly results in a runtime error.

    ar= - This is "a" or "the" (like "a ring" "the wand")
    na= - This is the name (like "big armor", "big weapon")
    ca= - This is what the item is called ("something")
    ty= - This is most important. The following items are valid: weapon, ranged, armor, scroll, ring, potion, wand.
    bc= - Background char, use 176
    ct= - Character Type, use 24 (weapon = 24, but 24 will work for anything regardless of type)
    mh= - Max Hit. 1-9999 (weapons)
    mi= - Minimum hit. 1-9999 (weapons)
    lv= - Level 1..25
    sl= - Strikes Left.. 1-9999 (use a higher number to make it last)
    af= - armor factor, use 1-9999
    ah= - armor hits left, use 9999 to make it last
    ch= - charges, use 1-9999
    cu= - cursed, use 0 = not, 1 = is
    sh= - shield hits left, use 9999 to make it last
    we= - weight, use 1 for lowest weight
    wp= - Wand, Ring, Potion, Scroll Number (see wand types below in brackets [1-x]
    id= - identified use t or f (t = true, f = false)
    po= - poisonous use t or f (t = true, f = false)
    br= - broken, use t or f (t = true, f = false)
    car= - carriable, use t or f (t = true, f = false)
    ma= - magic, use t or f

    Item Types:

    ring_name[1]:='a ring of searching';
    ring_name[2]:='a ring of teleportation'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[3]:='a ring of slow digestion';
    ring_name[4]:='a ring of avoid darkness';
    ring_name[5]:='a ring of add strength';
    ring_name[6]:='a ring of hunger'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[7]:='a ring of famine'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[8]:='a ring of regeneration';
    ring_name[9]:='a ring of curse armor'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[10]:='a ring of curse weapon'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[11]:='a ring of lava walking';
    ring_name[12]:='a ring of maintain armor';
    ring_name[13]:='a ring of repulsiveness';
    ring_name[14]:='a ring of destruction';
    ring_name[15]:='a ring of confusion'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[16]:='a ring of avoid paralysis';
    ring_name[17]:='a ring of avoid poison';
    ring_name[18]:='a ring of avoid traps';
    ring_name[19]:='a ring of blast protection';
    ring_name[20]:='a ring of double damage';
    ring_name[21]:='a ring of paralysis'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[22]:='a ring of cursed darkness'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[23]:='a ring of see invisible';
    ring_name[24]:='a ring of blindness'; (* cursed *)
    ring_name[25]:='a ring of stealthiness';
    ring_name[26]:='a ring of illness'; (* cursed *)
    scr_name[1]:='scroll of enchant armor';
    scr_name[2]:='scroll of enchant weapon';
    scr_name[3]:='a scroll of repair Weapon';
    scr_name[4]:='a scroll of intoxication';
    scr_name[5]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[6]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[7]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[8]:='a scroll of idenfity';
    scr_name[9]:='a scroll of cloak of darkness';
    scr_name[10]:='a scroll of confusion';
    scr_name[11]:='a scroll of negate time';
    scr_name[12]:='a scroll of cursed teleportation';
    scr_name[13]:='a scroll of frighten monster';
    scr_name[14]:='a scroll of fireBall';
    scr_name[15]:='a scroll of intensify weapon';
    scr_name[16]:='a scroll of intensify armor';
    scr_name[17]:='a scroll of remove curse';
    scr_name[18]:='a scroll of transport player';
    scr_name[19]:='a scroll of chlorine blast';
    scr_name[20]:='a scroll of dust blast';
    scr_name[21]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[22]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[23]:='a scroll of Increase food';
    scr_name[24]:='a scroll of dis-enchant weapon';
    scr_name[25]:='a scroll of dis-enchant armor';
    scr_name[26]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[27]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[28]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[29]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[30]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[31]:='a scroll of sense object';
    scr_name[32]:='a scroll of identify';
    scr_name[33]:='a scroll of repair armor';
    pot_name[1]:='a potion of increase strength';
    pot_name[2]:='a potion of increase level';
    pot_name[3]:='a potion of increase vitality';
    pot_name[5]:='a potion of increase dexterity';
    pot_name[6]:='a potion of cloak of darkness';
    pot_name[7]:='a potion of confusion';
    pot_name[8]:='a potion of poison';
    pot_name[9]:='a potion of teleportation';
    pot_name[10]:='a potion of decrease strength';
    pot_name[11]:='a potion of decrease level';
    pot_name[13]:='a potion of decrease dexterity';
    pot_name[14]:='a potion of cleanse poison';
    pot_name[15]:='a potion of haste self';
    pot_name[16]:='a potion of increase health';
    pot_name[17]:='a potion of remove confusion';
    pot_name[18]:='a potion of remove darkness';
    pot_name[19]:='a potion of increase vitality';
    pot_name[20]:='a potion of decrease vitality';
    wand_name[1]:='a wand of fireball';
    wand_name[2]:='a wand of coldblast';
    wand_name[3]:='a wand of polymorph';
    wand_name[4]:='a wand of teleport monster';
    wand_name[5]:='a wand of disintigrate monster';
    wand_name[6]:='a wand of invigorate monster';
    wand_name[7]:='a wand of dust blast';
    wand_name[8]:='a wand of double gasblast';
    wand_name[9]:='a wand of magic missle';